The Italian Society at the University of Sussex is a friendly and welcoming meeting place for students and non-students who have an interest in Italian matters, culture, or traditions.
The purpose of the Italian Society at Sussex is to promote and celebrate the Italian culture and heritage, to facilitate cultural exchange, to raise awareness of issues concerning Italy and Europe, to foster the creation of life-lasting friendships and academic or professional connections.

The Society generally organises:

  • Group dinners
  • Mediterranean Nights
  • Film screenings
  • Cultural trips in Brighton and to London
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • Coffee mornings
  • Talks and debates
  • Different kinds of joint events with other societies
Joining the Italian Society is a great way to socialise and meet new people, discover the Italian culture and have a lot of fun!


The 16/17 Committee holding the Most Improved Society Award

From left to right: Luca Lo Scavo, Mariateresa di Nunzio, Luca Pizzimenti, Tomas Borchert

During the academic year 2016-2017, the Society largely improved the range and quality of the events offered. In Spring 2017, it raised £400 which was sent to a charity organisation in central Italy to deal with the difficult situation arising from the several earthquakes hitting Italy in 2016.
In May 2017, the Students' Union decided to award the Most Improved Society Award to the Italian Society to recognise the impressive development that the Society went through during that academic year.

The 17/18 Committee has been building on these achievements, further increasing membership numbers and tailoring the events organised to the needs of existing and new members


The 17/18 Committee at the beginning of the year, during Freshers Fair
From left to right: Laura Spagliardi, Luca Pizzimenti, Silvia Anderle, Elena Buzzi

Everyone is welcome at our events.
However, if you are a current Sussex student, we recommend you also purchase free membership for the Society here by logging in with your University of Sussex credentials.

Open the following link: https://www.sussexstudent.com/organisation/italian/.
Click on "Add to basket"
Click on "Log in" in the top-right corner
Log in with your University credentials.
If you are experiencing any problems with the log-in, contact the Students' Union.
Click on "Basket" in the top-right corner
Click on "Proceed to checkout"

Purchasing the free membership benefits you indirectly. The Committee uses membership numbers to demonstrate to the Students' Union the number of students who benefit from our society.
This helps us to to receive funding and rewards throughout the year which will be spent on more amazing events organised just for you.